About Profectus

Profectus is the Student Strength Sports association in Nijmegen. We are the one stop shop for everything fitness related for the students of Nijmegen. Our association is the best way for fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels to meet and make gains together. Our strengths sports associations has a large group of powerlifters but we also offer weightlifting, bodybuilding and general fitness. Our members range from novices to professional athletes that compete on an international level. Everyone is welcome in our association!

We offer member only training sessions at the Radboud Sport Centrum three times a week. Tuesday: 21.00-23.30, Thursday: 20.45-23.30 and Saturday: 18.00-21.00. Everyone is welcome to join during these sessions to train and chat!

Check out this amazing video about our sports association below!

Profectus is great for those that want to take working out to the next level, train together and meet new friends. Profectus has all necessary tools for an athlete to strive for their goals. If you are interested in competing in powerlifting, we offer programs and seminars for all levels to perfect your lifts. Profectus is a smaller student sport association of about 40 members creating a cozy and open atmosphere to meet new people in- and outside the gym. So, if you love going to the gym and you want to take your workouts to the next level and make friends along the way, you can sign up via mail or Instagram to join one of our training sessions!



Powerlifting is a strength sport in which participants compete to move maximum weights over three individual lifts: the Squat, the Bench press and the Deadlift. Competitors  make three attempts at moving the maximum amount of weight.

The competitor who has moved the most weight in total wins the competition. In all official competitions, competitors are divided into weight classes. Powerlifting is very popular within Profectus, with multiple members competing at the national level. Profectus also has some experienced members that offer coaching. Furthermore, every Tuesday our Association trainer is at the members training to answer any of your questions.

Not every members who is interested in powerlifting decides to participate in an official powerlifting competition. Competition is purely optional and many of our members just train the squat, bench and deadlift for fun. Profectus hosts an annual powerlifting competition/lifting party. If you feel like powerlifting is something for you, contact us!



This sport, also known as Olympic Weightlifting, consists of two disciplines. The Snatch and the Clean&Jerk. The goal of these movements is to stabilize a bar above the head in one or two movements depending on the discipline. Weightlifting is not easy and requires a lot of balance technique training but it remains the most rewarding strength sport. Profectus has several weightlifters and offers seminars from professional weightlifting athletes to help you perfect your lifts.



Not every member of Profectus decides to compete in strength sports like weightlifting or powerlifting. Some of our members enjoy training without competitive goals, they train purely for general fitness or to improve their physique. Everyone is welcome in our association! Our coaches and members are happy to help you with your training and make friends and have fun in the meantime!

So, if you feel like joining one of our trainings, contact us via one of the many options stated on this website!


The Board of 2022

Mats ter Horst - Chairman
Martijn Hendriks - Secretary
Bram Verhagen - Treasurer
Kim Nguyen - General Board Member


As an association, it is important to have the opportunity for members to meet outside the gym as well! Currently we have an activities committee, merchandise committee, competition committee and a media committee. These committees work hard to create activities, merchandise and social media posts. In the year 2022/2023 we have monthly drinks at Tappers and frequent other activities like bowling, laser gaming, karting and dinners. If you are interested in joining any of the committees please contact our general board member.


Where to find us

Profectus is a sports association part of the Radboud Sports Centre (RSC). Profectus holds private training sessions for its members in the fitness lesson space opposite to the front desk when entering the RSC from the main entrance. We train every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Many of our members have the ability to train twice a week. If you want sign up to one of these trainings you can contact us via Instagram of email! We hope to see you there.